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As climbing grew in popularity in the 80's, I sought out lesser known and attractive areas to regain a sense of adventure. On the Balconies at Pinnacles National Monument, unpopular for loose rock and munge, I climbed Shake and Bake with Vandiver, and first free ascent of the Sacherer, Bradley & Roper route. With Sarnquist, I did first free ascent of Resurrection Wall. "Anti-Climbing at Pinnacles" recounts all the  heat, foxes, bats, fragile rock and protection on uncertain terrain. Domes of the solitary Southern Sierra also called. With Ruprecht Von Kammerlander, I did new routes on Fresno Dome; with Kamps, new routes in The Balls. "Commuters on Chiquito Dome" tells of the quirky joy in venturing onto crackless Chiquito (Elegance and Sahib routes) and straining to place numerous bolts on lead.
The pull between the “flat world” of regular life and “sanctuary” of the mountains, as I noted in “In Thanks” on the site, indeed has “nourished.” My wife Nancy and I, first wooing one another in Yosemite long ago, are blessed with daughter Alanna now a doctor in Chicago where she and her husband are enjoying their first grandchild. 

I find the fire of days on walls still with me. I'm especially intrigued by the never-ending style debate in rock climbing appearing in climbing literature and on web sites. A follow up ramble on "Tricksters and Traditionalists" is included on the site.

May your climbing days be good and long!
Tom Higgins