In Due Time

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Though you are high
Up on pot
He can fly
And you can not.

ROBBINS, still flapping and being carried to retreat by HERBERT and CHOUINARD. Body, fly! I command you to fly!
PRATT, hysterically to ROBBINS. Learn the lesson of defeat. Not every man must you beat!
HERBERT, to FROST, quietly. If PRATT would only go back to school. . . poet.. . philosopher . . . teacher ....
ROPER. And martyr.
FROST, belatedly. . . what?
ROBBINS, finally exhausted. PRATT is right. It is the hour of defeat. Let us jump and the game complete.
Suddenly the air is filled with another chorus, this one seeming to come from all directions. There are no words, but only a cascade of most beautiful and calming voices. The air becomes bright, and a light and radiant mist envelops the scene. Faces begin to appear and vanish within the mist. ANTON NELSON appears, then vanishes. Then, appearing and vanishing, JULES EICHORN, BESTOR ROBINSON, AL MACDONALD, MORGAN HARRIS, GEORGE WHITMORE, MARK POWELL, DICK LONG, DON WILSON, LES WILSON, and again, ANTON NELSON. Then, brighter and lasting, the countenance of JOHN SALATHE appears. CHOUINARD is cowed; PRATT, paralyzed; TM, trembling; HARDING, haywire; ROPER, riveted; FROST, freaked but smiling; ROBBINS, blanked and kneeling; the LEADER and his followers, on their asses.

ROPER. WhattheholycreamofChrististhis?

SALATHE, solemnly from behind a flowing beard. Beloved. I speak to you not in rhymes, nor in parables of truth. Hear me and the chorus of angels in whom you never believed. I give you now the sacred commandments in continued violation of which you may well know just punishment by scourging lightning and blinding bolts.
First, of arrogance. Your arrogance is well known in the outer world, disguised by friendly appearing competition, but O so often lined with blackest contempt. What is this encounter tonight between two generations but the spitting up of venoms long suppressed by your endless games! I speak not only of arrogance between and among yourselves, but of false arrogance before the modern world. Damn you who stand in contempt of the world yet wave before its cameras and place climbing in its market place!
CHORUS. Thou shall not hate in arrogance or think one's self worthy of much acclaim, or hold to false contempt.