In Due Time

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SALATHE, in anger. O rational and sarcastic skeptic, I care not to answer in full. Suffice to say that I am no more than a vessel in this life, obliged to transmit unto you what the voices say unto me!
HERBERT. Enough! Enough! How are we to be saved?
SALATHE. Both old and young, know and accept thy pitiful selves and from new humility, act accordingly toward all men.
PRATT. The truth!
HERBERT. I hear ya! FROST, starting the two-step again. Yup! HARDING. I'm in!

ROBBINS, looking ambivalent. It's.. a .. deal. Another lightning bolt blasts into the earth sending up clouds of smoke around Robbins.
SALATHE. No deals. Yes or no?

The lighted face disappears. The younger climbers return. Several stand around the ashes of the LEADER, then move away.
ROPER. Are we dreaming?
PRATT. Must we taste the ashes of this dead climber to believe! And dream or no dream, there is truth to glean.
HERBERT, trying to avoid still another rhyming duel. How about that bash? And a little hash? He puts one arm around FROST, his other arm around an anonymous young climber and starts for the trail. HARDING follows, so does CHOUINARD, ROPER and the younger climbers. ROBBINS and PRATT remain.
ROPER, turning to the pair. Will you come down?
PRATT, ROBBINS, simultaneously. In due time ... in due time.