Supertopo Post, March 2008

Agreed - no need to hit too hard, and keep turning while tapping or tap just a few times without turning, and no more, especially in granite (sandstone and the like is more forgiving, generally). Blowing out the hole is good too, tube or pursed lips. Spitting in the hole may or may not help, it seems, depending on some unseen Devil turning the dials of the day.

Of course, lots will go wrong especially if you are in the middle of a 5.9 move. The drill will break, but turns out you can drill with a broken bit if desperate. Or, you will drop something even with everything secured by cord, and then you need plan B. I started carrying a second drill all set up after more than one "incident" (never carried a second hammer, though, even though I dropped that once too, or did I just forget it ...). Or, maybe you downclimb and retreat for another day, or go for it to the crack protection not too far away which turns out to be far away or a mirage. Or the whole thing including whimpering takes so long night catches you. The adventure never ceases ... thank God.