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Supertopo Post, 2008

1. The Discussion - Well Meaning But Edgy And Nearing Eternal

Philo hits it, I think: "Most posters to the Growing Up thread would agree it has been a lively, spirited and valuable exchange. Preferable in every way to the fisticuffs and bolt wars of the past." Indeed, with only a bit of name calling and put downs, the discussion has been civil. That's important because:

- the style debate is very long standing
- has been corrosive to camaraderie in the past and is perfectly capable of veering into a nasty tug of war at any time in the future
- has clouded how we assign merit to the route creators; how we feel about reading about latest achievements in magazines, journals, guidebooks and web sites; how we hear from and honor the game leaders; in short, how we enjoy the sport in all its dimensions
- rarely led to specific resolution or agreements between the factions

So while this particular discussion at this particular time and place may be mostly civil, the larger issue worth pondering is how can differences be resolved or at least diminished area by area. Or, are we resigned to the two style camps picking at one another forever? Is Ed Hardouni right, "Passion is good... but we also aren't going to agree in the end?"