Free Solo Climbing

I never soloed without a rope, but did solo with a self-belay system. It turned out not to be so rewarding, actually complicated and dangerous in its own way. So, I can't speak from personal experience of free soloing.

Still, I can relate to the numerous posters who reference the feeling of free movement without the need to fiddle with protection, stop and belay, or even interact with a partner. Sometimes we don't want to interact, especially in the high sanctuary of the mountains.

Yet, there is more to life than climbing and I've enjoyed a lot else I’d hate to have missed by breaking a flake or losing a moment of concentration, or just wearing out on a section, all things I’ve done with a rope on. Strange to say on Supertopo, but here it is: nothing, not even climbing, is worth all the rest, including deep and lasting love, a super kid coming into her own to my wonder, and the stunning parts of the world I've hiked or swum or just gazed upon or talked about to death with friends and life mate, earth and humanity in their beauty, horror and disarray. More, once one does find love, there is a deal involved to make it solid and lasting: you don't just consider yourself when choosing how to climb, but your loved ones too.

Supertopo Post, October, 2011