Panic Pinnacle

Bud Couch and I thought we made the first ascent of Panic Pinnacle, and we also named it such, and placed the rap bolt, but would have to look back in my old diary to get the date, probably late 60's early 70's. But now we learn from Del Cross of a film where Dawson and Eichorn did it via rope thrown over the top, and they were climbing way before us. So maybe we had the first lead ascent, who knows. I recall 5.8 or maybe 5.9 climbing but can't recall if we did west or east face.

Supertopo post, Feb 14, 2012

Just for the record, old diary says July 4, 1966 for our FA, if it was the FA. And I know it seems odd we would rap with only one bolt, but strange to say, in the day, not only were bolts to be minimized because they left a long lasting blotch, but we actually thought one good new 1/4" bolt in granite was adequate for a rap! Times do change it seems...

Supertopo post, Feb 15, 2012

Del Cross,

Bravo to Riegelhuth for rappelling without a bolt. Not sure why we didn't loop the summit chunk like he did. Reminds me of another rappel off a pinnacle I have pictured somewhere where Mark and Beverley Powell draped a rope over the top and went down simultaneously, one on one side, one on the other, voice contact all the way of course. Bravo again.

Just to continue the sleuthing, any way to tell if the wonderful fuzzy old pics you posted are of the west face? I'm thinking they are of the west face with afternoon sun, presuming they did Cathedral earlier in the day, but maybe some panning in the old film reveals the climbing orientation. Come to think of it, maybe the background already suggests what face they are on. Your thought?

At any rate, the climbing looks pretty moderate, though my memory was of something in the vicinity of 5.8, unless we did a different face, but why would we as a FA by the easiest means? Just to add to the mystery, my diary rates it "5.5," unless the scribbled and faded 5 is an 8 and ... you can see how cloudy the past can get.

Supertopo post, Feb 15, 2012