In Memory of Bob Kamps

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Both Bob and Bonnie were teachers, enabling them both to enjoy their summers in the mountains. After retiring from teaching, he became "Entrecrapeur" full time, acquiring collectibles of the human parade. His competitive passion for this job earned him good money, allowing him to help out young climbers in a pinch. Under Bob's crusty exterior was a very generous soul.

Bob had a sense for the absurdity of life. He once told me climbing and playing cards were both good ways to pass the time. I'm enormously grateful to have passed the time with you, Bob Kamps. Goodbye great climber, climbing mentor, loving man, and best friend. Thankfully, the luck of Lucky Streaks was yours as you eased into the soundless dark while reaching for a handhold, dying the way you lived: with passion and purpose.

Many thanks to Bonnie Kamps, Steve Roper, Jim Fulmis, and Kevin Wright for assistance in preparing this obituary. For a database of Bob's climbs, excellent pictures and colorful, moving tributes from his friends, visit

Climbing Magazine, 2005